In the Summer of 2016 we made a really exciting announcement... We purchased a 6.2 acre farm 25 minutes outside of Austin. So, you might ask, what does this mean for Juice Society? Well, let us tell you: 

  • Product Control - We will now have the ability to grow some of the produce we use in our juices. This means more control and management over our product and a quicker turnaround from farm to bottle. 
  • Sustainability - The purchase of our farm will help us decrease our carbon footprint even further. Our greenhouse runs on aquaponics which uses less water than traditional farming and creates an ecosystem that allows the plants to thrive. We also compost all of our juice pulp / food waste back at the farm for both soil as well as our animals. 
  • Community & Connection - A core part of Juice Society's values from the beginning, community and connection are always are the forefront of what we do. Giving the community the opportunity to gets hands on and volunteer where we grow our produce is key in connecting to our products and food in general. This has always been our mission. 


We are so excited for chapter of Juice Society and cannot wait to build it with the community! Interested in volunteering? Email - for more information and upcoming volunteer days!