4 Tips to Conquering The Holidays


Whether you're attending 15 different holiday parties or jetting off to a warm and sunny vacation, the holiday season is the time of year where overindulgence seems to be the name of the game. Beat the holiday bloat and stress with our 4 favorite tips.  1. Moderation is Key! Allowing yourself to enjoy your favorite holiday treats without over doing it is essential in maintaining a healthy, balanced holiday season. Try to stick with treats that use  wholesome ingredients such as coconut oil or flour, cacao/dark chocolate and raw nuts.

2. Hydrate: Through all the eggnog & holiday wine it can be easy to forget to drink our much needed H2O. Water is vital in aiding your liver in flushing out toxins, energizing you as you party hop & keeping your skin glowing. Try to drink at least 1.5 liters a day. Pro Tip: add lemon + mint for an alkalizing and refreshing boost.

3. Go Green! Stacking up on green juice pre, post and during the holiday is one of our favorite ways to nourish our bodies and maintain balance. Drinking a green juice first thing in the morning will flood your system with pure essential nutrients that can help beat bloat + fatigue (both of which are common during the season!)

4. Sweat it out. Get outside (if it's not too cold) or grab a friend to hit up a hot yoga class! Just as water + green juice help eliminate toxins, so does a good sweat. Continuing to exercise throughout then holiday season will only make it easier to get back into the groove of things in the new year.