Simple & Sweet: Acai Bowl


You just finished your morning yoga routine feeling invigorated & refreshed. The only question left is: what's for breakfast? After sipping on The General to get your daily dose of super charged nutrients, whip out that blender for this 5 minute meal in a bowl.  Acai is a great source of antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids (all which are great for your skin!) and is a free-radical fighting powerhouse. We used Sambazon Unsweetened Acai packs for this recipe as the sweetened versions tend to have a little too much sugar for us.

What You'll Need

2 packs frozen Sambazon Acai

1 banana

1/8 cup water or almond milk

2 tbsp honey

Toppings: We love to experiment with these! Below are a few of our favorites:

Coconut flakes

Cacao Nibs


Pomegranate seeds/blueberries/raspberries

Sliced banana

Bee pollen

Chia seeds

How to:

Run the frozen acai packs under warm water for 5 seconds each

Add 1/8 cup liquid (water or almond milk) to blender, 1/2 -1 banana, 2 tbsp honey + frozen Acai packs

Blend until smooth but still thick. This can take some time so patience is key.

Transfer to bowl & add toppings. Enjoy!