A Juice Manifesto - A Letter from Our Founder


Since opening shop a little over a year ago a lot of you might wonder what (or who) is behind our brand, what our story is, or why we exist. Let's talk, y'all.

First things first, Im Danielle, the owner and founder of Juice Society.

Juice Society was a manifestation of a couple factors:

Reason 1: The daughter of a pharmaceutical executive, I treated chronic migraines and eczema the way you would of expected - pills, creams, pills and creams. It had never occurred to me to look to my diet for a long term solution until one day, I started googling a few things. What started as a little research slowly became a (slightly) obsessive quest for figuring out if I too can change how I was feeling by simply adding or subtracting certain foods. Juicing was the first step and became the catalyst for my healing. After experimenting with different "diets" I finally found what works best for my body. Ive always made it a point to not get too attached to any diet - it doesn't define who I am and I am well aware of the fact that our bodies are constantly changing. What works for me now might not work best for me in 5 years. I acknowledge and appreciate that. All too often we get so tangled in a web of how we think things should be done instead of just doing what feels right. I do not limit myself - if I want a cupcake, I have a cupcake! Do I try to have one thats made with real ingredients, yes (hello, Skull & Cakebones, I see you) BUT I refuse to beat myself up over something Im eating. You shouldn't either. Food should make us feel good, feel vibrant, feel energized. Juices remained a constant throughout my journey and continue to be a staple in my day to day. When I am stressed, low on sleep, haven't seen my yoga mat in months - juicing has been one of those things that has kept me feeling balanced, feeling myself. During my time of 'discovery' I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach which brought me even deeper into my journey. After months of  informally coaching friends and family it started to become clear where my path was leading me.

Reason 2: I saw a gap in the market in Texas. After moving from NYC and embarking on my own health journey, I struggled to find a juice shop that was more than, well, just a juice shop. I encountered a lot of confusing information, a lack of all organic options, and a disconnect with the product I was being served. I was inspired to create a product that was superior in both flavor and function (a core component to JS), a company that promoted overall balance and well-being (weight loss is not in our vocabulary) and a community that was excited to connect to their bodies, their food and each other.

Enter: Juice Society.

After 8 months (!) of recipe testing and slowly developing the JS brand, I quietly launched as an online, made-to-order delivery service in the Austin area. It has now been a little over a year since that day and while we have slowly grown (our storefront opens this March!), our roots remain the same. After all, we wouldn't be a 'society' unless we had a few core principles we operated by, right?


  1. ORGANIC - You will never find any additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients in our products. We strive to be 100% organic, 100% of the time (and we will let you know if we can't source product to make that happen!) Does that mean we might  be little more expensive? Yes, But I'm not willing to serve you something I don't believe in. Bottom line: If it doesn't come from the ground, we don't serve it. We source as much local, organic produce as possible to support our Texas farmers and get our produce from 'field to bottle' in the shortest amount of time.
  2. RAW + SUSTAINABLE -  Our cold-pressed juices will never be compromised with plastic bottles, high pressure processing (HPP) or pasteurization. We're committed to providing only the freshest product (3-5 day shelf life!) to our community because who wants to drink a 45-day old juice?
  3. BALANCE - Certified health coaches and raw food enthusiasts carefully formulate each product to offer the highest quality in both flavor AND function.
  4. COMMUNITY - We don't consider ourselves just a juice company but rather a wellness hub. A place to shop, to learn and to find ease & balance in your life through the simple addition of wholesome, organic juice and foods. Our community is the heart of who we are. Our pulse. We are continuously challenged and inspired by your quest for quality, for information, for an honest product.


I didn't build JS to sell you a weight loss juice, or tell you to cleanse for 50 days or tell you to never eat meat or pizza (I honestly love pizza.) I started Juice Society because juices changed my life and I truly believe they are one of the easiest, most convenient ways to stay balanced + energized in a world that is continuously chaotic and draining. Juicing helped me heal and it inspired me to really connect to what I was consuming and how that was effecting my body. I hope JS can do that for you, too. We are about way more than just juice - We're a community rooted in doing what makes us feel amazing... because why should you ever settle for anything less?

I hope you'll join us as we take on 2016 with a whole new menu, a whole new space (or two) to call home, and an entire staff dedicated to helping you feel your best every. damn. day.

All the love,

- Danielle