Juice Society x Urban Outfitters

We collaborated with our friends at Urban Outfitters to bring you 3 new recipes using JS juices! Read on for the deets!

Wait, you don’t coordinate your juice with your surroundings? Inspired by a new batch of springy coral homewares at UO, we teamed up with the Austin, TX based Juice Society for some special beverages inspired by the palette du jour.
Photos by Kate LeSueur 
Juice Society is an organic cold-pressed juice and wellness company, started last year by holistic health coach Danielle Sobel. They've got a flagship store opening this spring in Austin, but for now focus on creating healthy, beautiful, and really delicious fresh pressed juices.
Golden Girl Smoothie 
5 1/2 oz Juice Society's "Golden Girl" juice (freshly-pressed carrot, orange, turmeric juice)
4 oz almond milk
10 raspberries
1/2 frozen banana
5 mint leaves
1/4 tsp fresh lemon juice
6 ice cubes
2 pinches Maldon sea salt
Blend in high-powered blender and serve
(Boozy) Root Down Float
1.5 oz Hendricks gin
2 scoops bourbon vanilla ice cream
4 to 6 oz Juice Society Root Down (freshly-pressed beet, carrot, apple, ginger, lemon, and celery)
Splash of sparkling water
Cucumber (for garnish)
In a tall float glass (or a chilled beer pint glass works too!), scoop your ice cream, then add in the gin + juice mixture (best to pre-mix this so the flavor is evenly distributed). Top off with your sparkling water of choice (we like the super-fizzy Topo Chico) and a cucumber garnish.
Watermelon Spritzer 
Juiced seedless watermelon with handful of fresh mint
Sliced serrano and mint (for garnish)
An easy one: combine equal parts fresh watermelon/mint juice with chilled champagne, and finish with serrano and mint garnishes. Cheers!