Great For Your Gut! Our Top 5 Probiotic Foods


Probiotics have been having a moment lately. From the rise in popularity of fermented foods to the hundreds of probiotic pills popping up on shelves, there is no question people are more in tune to gut health than ever before. But why the sudden hype? More and more studies link our overall wellness back to our gut (kind of crazy, I know). Everything from depression, anxiety, skin health and of course, digestion, have been found to correlate with maintaining a healthy micro biome. Since over 70% (!!) of our immune system lies within our gut, making sure it is healthy and functional is key to feeling our best and warding off chronic disease. While probiotic supplements are a wonderful addition to you daily routine, you can also find a ton of gut-healthy foods to stock up on. Our favorites? Below:  

  1. Fermented Veggies and Kimchi: Salty, spicy, and oh, so delicious. We absolutely love the fermented veggies from Hat Creek Provisions (a local Austin company!) They are fermented sans vinegar and offer flavorful punch of probiotics with every bite. Pro Tip: Dont forget to drink the brine! Or visit us in the shop for a shot or a Fermented Fizz!
  2. Kombucha: This bubbly beverage has been on the market for quite some time but is still one of our favorite ways to get our probiotics. With new brands popping up with innovative flavors everyday its easy to find one you love! Currently we are totally obsessed with Health Ade's Cayenne Cleanse flavor ( lime, ginger & cayenne!)
  3. Miso: Made from fermented soybeans and grains, miso is filled with essential minerals and microorganisms that increase the healthy flora in our guts! We love adding a dollop of this paste to soups, dressings or veggie stir-fry!
  4. Yogurt: And no we are not talking about the super processed, packed-with-sugar kind. We're talkin about Coconut yogurt! You can find a few brands in the grocery store but we love making our own - Check out the recipe for an awesome, raw yogurt here
  5. Tempeh: Who would of thought? But yes, this unassuming soybean product is filled with amino acids, is a complete protein and is fermented. Fav way to prep it: We love to marinate tempeh and add it to a veggie sandwich!