Cleansing in the Holiday Season


The holiday season is filled with chunky knits, family and friends, and assortments of tasty treats. But is it a good time for an organic juice cleanse? A recent UCLA scientific study on the Health Effects of 3-Day Fruit and Vegetable Juice Fasting sheds some light on the health benefits of juice cleansing. To combat the holiday season, a juice cleanse may be the way to go, and here are a few reasons why:

It’s just plain good for you: Juice cleanses are about more than simply not eating or avoiding our beloved coffee. They about saturating our cells with a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals by consuming multiple bottles of nutrient-dense fruit and veggie juices each day. This promotes and vitalizes our body's detoxifying process and overall strengthens our immune system.

Higher antioxidants levels: Antioxidants are magic to the body. As one of the essential nutrients, they fight the damaged cells, neutralize free radicals, and help slow down the effects of again. So, if a juice cleanse can raise the levels of your antioxidants in our bodies, than sign us up!

Digestion: Juicing to digestion is like Beyoncè to Jay-Z; they are soulmates. When juicing, our bodies’s levels of good bacteria, such as bacteroidetes and cyanobacteria, in our gut increase and help move digestion along easily and happily. A healthy gut also relates to healthier skin, a more elevated mood,  and a more energized brain. What’s not to love?

Increase in overall well-being: That’s right, an increase in general well-being was found after a short two weeks of a juice cleanse. When we are feeling healthy and happy, we tend to have a better sense of our aspirations, a healthier response to stress, and an increase in longevity and vitality. So a juice cleanse may lead us to more positive emotions, which can grow into a healthier, brighter future. To help maintain this increase in overall well being, it’s also important to eat well post-cleanse - perhaps with our Jicama & Heart of Palm Ceviche or Zoodles with Creamy Avocado Pesto.  

Now that you know what wonders a juice cleanse can do for your body, what’s stopping you? Learn more about Juice Society’s cleanse here, and place an order for a holiday juice cleanse online or in stores.