JS's Best of 2016

2016 has come and gone, so the JS team wanted to take a look back on this year and share our favorites. 

Favorite Superfood

DANIELLE: It's a tie between ashwagandha + rhodiola
AMY: Goldenberries
FERNANDA: Cacao, matcha + ashwagandha
HECTOR: Goji Berries -- chewy and flavorful
JESSA: Ashwagandha + maca -- it helps with everything from stress to anxiety to energy, and everything in between
MADI: Cacao - I love chocolate
MARISSA: Ashwagandha + marine collagen
SARA: Chia seeds + hemp seeds -- I put those guys in and on everything!
SIERRA:  Matcha
TONI:  Matcha -- I really love green tea and caffeine but with balance

Favorite Juice

DANIELLE: It changes with the seasons, but currently I’m all about Beta Beet
AMY: Zest
FERNANDA: Anything green
HECTOR: Fall Green -- mainly because I crafted the recipe
JESSA: OMGreens plus ginger shot -- the perfect balance of savory + sweet
MADI: The General -- because it is super green
MARISSA: OMGreens or my homemade spinach, kale, orange, and parsley
SARA: Zest -- it’s been my favorite from the start so it holds a special place in my heart
SIERRA:The General -- the super green goodness
TONI: The General -- you can’t go wrong with greens

Favorite Meal

DANIELLE: The tofu stir fry from Dee Dee's is my favorite
AMY: Egg rolls from anywhere
FERNANDA: Any meal from True Foods Kitchen
HECTOR: Falafel from Bump Creek
JESSA: Do fries with spicy ground mustard count as a meal?
MADI: Sunlife’s organic Brazilian bowl in Malibu - IT’S THE BEST
MARISSA: My boyfriend's vegetarian curry!
SARA: Lemongrass tofu vermicelli from 888 Pan Asian Restaurant
SIERRA: All things sushi
TONI: Edamame dumplings from True Foods Kitchen

Favorite Travel

AMY: Orange Beach, AL
HECTOR: Mexico City
JESSA: Lake Tahoe, CA
SARA: London + Brighton, England
SIERRA: Cancun
TONI: South Padre

Favorite Trend

DANIELLE: Ancient herbs & superfoods
AMY: Cropped jeans
FERNANDA: Fishnets tights under jeans
HECTOR: Cycling stuff
JESSA: Minimalism + plant-based eats
MADI: High waisted stuff
MARISSA: Being a locavore + herb wall gardens
SARA: plant-based recipes/eats + going braless
SIERRA: Rose, pink, nude clothing
TONI: Bomber jackets

Favorite Workout

DANIELLE: YoStrong at Wanderlust
AMY: Stair climber
FERNANDA: Barre3 classes
HECTOR: Cycling
JESSA: V close tie between JD's RIDE class + Jerry's Bittersweet Yoga class
MADI: Prevail Boxing with Pooch in LA or Soulcycle with Chris in Austin
MARISSA: Sunrise Greenbelt walks
SARA: Hiking to the cave above the Flats at the Greenbelt
SIERRA: Good ol' gym work
TONI: Cycling at Love

Favorite Song

DANIELLE: All of Drake’s songs, every single one
AMY: “New Boys” by Lust For Youth
FERNANDA: Beyonce’s entire Lemonade album
HECTOR: “Burn the Witch” by Radiohead
JESSA: “Am I Wrong?” by Anderson. Paak's
MADI: “Where Are U Now” by Justin bieber and Skrillex
MARISSA: “Gypsy Woman” by Jonathan Tyler
SARA: “Feels- Jai Wolf Remix” by Kiiara
SIERRA:Obsessed with The Weeknd's whole album, Starboy
TONI: “Already Knew” that by Ro James

We are so excited for 2017 and we can’t wait to share more of the JS journey with y’all! What were some of your favorites from 2016? Share them with us in the comments below!

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