SKIN DEEP - My Favorite Beauty Products

We all know skin health starts from within which is why I always recommend loading up daily on water, green juices & nutrient dense foods to get that glow that sometimes products can't provide. That said, we can always use the extra help when our diet is off, digestion is a little slow or, ladies, it's that time of the month. After struggling with eczema for so long, and still getting the occasional breakout, I love experimenting with natural beauty products to help keep my skin hydrated and glowing! Below are a few of my favorites depending on what Im needing for my skin at the moment: 

1. Food & Supplements: Water (duh), green tea, green juice, aloe water, pineapple, schisandra

2. Quick, Gentle Makeup Removal or Post Workout wipe down: ACURE Coconut & Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes  - Gentle on sensitive skin, soothing & gets the dirt & grime right off. 

3. Cleanse: Based on how my skin is feeling (dry, breakouts etc) I use different cleansers at night. Right now, Theis Raiford Charcoal Soap is my go-to. The charcoal is great for pulling out impuritites and really cleansing your skin. Plus, tea tree oil is an anti-bacterial and fights off any bacteria that is causing breakouts. Its also vegan and made locally here in Austin so 5 stars for that in my book. 

4. Serums: Probably my most beloved beauty product! Currently, I use Jason Vitamin E Oil every night on my skin and it has made such a difference. After just a week, my skin feels so smooth, firm & is glowing. 

5. Exfoliate: I do a light exfoliation about 2x per week. Sometimes I make my own with coconut oil, sugar & a touch of lemon juice to brighten or I use Acure's (clearly I love this brand) Brightening Facial Scrub

6. Masks:  Clay masks are my go-to during times of stress or breakouts and my favorite is Aztec Healing Clay. Just mix with a bit of water and any other oil you might want and voila, an easy, effective mask. For times when I am traveling, I always bring along Andalou Naturals sheet masks. They come in single packets, can be used anywhere and give your skin instant hydration! It has honestly been my #1 skin saver when traveling this past year. 

7. Treatments: Microneedling & Dermaplaning - My newest discoveries and I wish I had tried them sooner!

Microneedling is a process in which a "pen" with tiny needles is run across your face, creating tiny abrasions that then stimulates collagen during the healing process. The first time I tried it out, my face was red for about 24 hours but quickly went away after that. My skin was glowing and after a few treatments now, has helped get rid of some scarring I had. I do recommend going to a trusted clinic to get this ( or any facial treatment) done. 

Dermaplaning is basically 'shaving' your face and removes all dead skin cells in the process. I get this about 2x a month and there are some great at-home dermaplaning tools you can purchase as well. It makes your skin exceptionally smooth & glowing! 

Have any questions about my skin care routine? Shoot me an email:!   

Danielle Sobel