New Menu Additions

Getting tired of your black coffee every morning? Well you’re in luck, we just added two new coffees to our menu that you are sure to love. Check out the goodness below-

Shroom Coffee

shroom coffee cactus pic.jpg

Whats Inside: 

Almond Milk
Cold Brew
Maple Syrup
Lion’s Mane

What’s to love about this mushroom filled latte? Well, a lot. It has 3 of our most beloved and potent super mushrooms: 

Reishi mushrooms are one of our favorite ways to boost the immune system! They also help detox the liver by creating a faster regeneration of healthy liver cells and release free radicals that have built up over time.

2. Cordyceps is an adaptogen (goodbye, stress!) and helps our bodies adapt to stressors and balance our our hormones. Cordyceps also promotes healthy brain function by reducing inflammation resulting in positive effects on mood and memory. Well take an extra spoonful of that please, thank you. 

3. Lion’s Mane has a powerful effect on healthy digestion and younger looking skin thanks to these little things known as beta glucan polysaccharides (a mouthful, we know) As if that’s not enough, Lion’s Mane is also known to increase mood and stamina! 

This is a serious way to upgrade that morning cup o’ joe, folks. 

Sexy Coffee

Whats Inside: 
Almond Milk
He Shou Wu

This coffee will have you full of energy and love! He Shou Wu
 nourishes the reproductive system, helps balance hormones, and helps in rejuvenating our skin, hair and nails.. Maca is a great and easy way to get in vitamins B, C, and E as well as increase your libido and endurance (aka a whole lot of natural energy!) Cacao is not only a delicious superfood but also one that puts you in a state of bliss thanks to its mood enhancing properties. Need we say more? 

Both coffees are available at our shop, hot or iced, 1100 South Lamar Austin TX 78704!