Spring Cleaning Starting In Your Kitchen

It's almost Spring which means it's time to get down and start cleaning! My favorite part of the house to start in is my kitchen. What better way to start a new season than with a clean, guilt-free, healthy kitchen? I’ve found that finding healthy substitutes and having core ingredients on hand make for better decisions when it comes to healthy meals and snacking.  Read on for some of my favorite, easy swaps and additions you can make in your household starting today!

Replace That With This:

-Milk → plant-based alternatives such as almond, hemp or coconut!

-Sugar filled cereal  → Low sugar granola with almond milk!

-Soda →  GT Kombucha Gingerade

-Potato chips → Homemade beet chips

-Dairy Ice cream → Banana Nicecream! Easy as blending up a few frozen bananas, honey & top with fruit!

-Pasta → Zoodles!

-Candy → Frozen Grapes

-Cheese → Kite Hill Almond Cheese Spread


As for kitchen staples: I always leave these on hand to whip up a healthy snack, meal or smoothie!


Kitchen Staples:



-Apple Cider Vinegar




-Coconut Oil

-Coconut Water and or almond milk

-Gluten Free Oatmeal


-Maca Powder


-Fresh herbs

-Red Bell Peppers


What are some of your favorites?  Leave a comment and share with us some of your kitchen staples!