Putting It To The Test

When I first started working at Juice Society, I knew absolutely nothing about superfood mushrooms- I barely even ate regular mushrooms. After seeing the ways we incorporated them into smoothies at JS and learning about the amazing benefits medicinal mushrooms had, I was ecstatic to hear that we were rolling out a mushroom coffee- our “Shroom Coffee”.

Danielle and I decided to take on the challenge of drinking mushroom coffee and tonics in replacement of normal coffee for two weeks. I didn’t drink coffee every day due to the fact that I do not like to overwhelm my body with caffeine, so I alternated between coffee and plant milk tonics.The medicinal mushrooms used in our Shroom Coffee are reishi, cordyceps and lion’s mane. (To learn the benefits of reishi, cordyceps and lion’s mane, read here.)


Before taking on the challenge of drinking mushroom coffee and tonics for two weeks, I hoped to see positive results from a few of my health-related issues:

  1. My digestion issues: My sensitive stomach has always been a bother and a pain- literally.

  2. Falling asleep and waking up: I am a huge night owl and getting up anytime before 9:30 leaves me riding the struggle bus.

  3. Finding serenity: As a full time student balancing school, a job, an internship and a social life, I find myself far from peace of mind more than I would like.


Obviously my first day of the challenge showed no result; I felt energized from the coffee but nothing noticeable was happening. However, by the end of the fourth day, I could feel that my digestive system was a bit more regulated and that my stomach didn’t feel as sensitive as it usually did. This was definitely the lion’s mane taking effect. By day eight, I noticed my sleeping pattern felt more regulated. I was falling asleep without tossing and turning for what seemed like years. Not to mention, I was also waking up less groggy and tired than normal. I also noticed that my allergies were not flaring up as often or as intensely as they usually did. These were positive side effects of reishi and cordyceps, respectively.


Overall, I noticed only positive changes from doing the two week challenge. I not only felt great in a physical sense, but mentally as well. I believe that healing can start from the inside out with plant-based food, like these medicinal mushrooms. If there are simple health problems that you want to work on, whether they are regulating your sleeping pattern or helping aid digestion, look into holistic healing and incorporating superfoods into your everyday life- even in your morning cup of coffee!


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