Hi, We're Juice Society

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A community-driven wellness brand fueled by the idea that wellness shouldn't be intimidating but fun, exciting & inclusive. We make products for people like us; people who are healthy but not defined by it, who don't shy away from their favorite dessert and who believe in the idea that wellness doesn't equal perfection.

Our line of functional beverages takes the guesswork out of wellness because, well, you have more important things to do. You have a life to live, go live it! We'll be right here in your fridge when you need us most.

OurĀ Founder

Juice Society came about through pure necessity. After a long struggle with chronic skin conditions & migraines, founder Danielle Sobel decided to make a conscious and meaningful change in her life. She began experimenting with different diets, incorporated juicing into her daily routine and found exercise she finally enjoyed doing. The power of plant-based food, herbs & superfoods completely changed the way Danielle thought and more importantly, felt.

After a year of regaining her wellness and studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Danielle launched Juice Society as a platform to share her knowledge. As a certified health coach, Danielle is a firm believer that what we put in our bodies plays an integral role in how we live our lives. She approaches wellness with balance and ease, believing that we don't have to take ourselves too seriously or strive for constant perfection because, where is the fun in that? She aims to bring wellness to communities in a way that is approachable, light and fun.

Danielle Sobel - founder of Juice Society