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We get it, the workplace is busy. With back-to-back meetings and an overflowing inbox, our bodies and brains require clean energy to get through the day....but daily BBQ and soda on tap isn’t going to cut it when productivity needs to be on point. 

It's time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to what's stocked in the office fridge. At Juice Society we believe healthy living should be easy, accessible and without any fuss. Each of our juices is packed with up to 6 pounds of produce, combined in ways to create optimal flavor and function. Studies show that healthier employees have less absences and higher performance in the workplace. Not to mention, nutrient dense, cold- pressed juice can help beat brain fog, increase energy and fuel productivity .

Let’s develop healthier habits with your team through weekly juice deliveries, a team cleanse or a pop-up wellness day. Any which way, we’ve got you covered.